Leaking Roof Hazards You Need to Know About

With the number of home improvement projects lined up on your list, is your Springfield roofing a priority? You certainly don’t want to be surprised when your roof suddenly needs repair or replacement. Any roofing job is quite costly, so you need to be prepared when a tiny leak or damage snowballs into a major problem. In addition, leaks not only damage your exterior. They’re also capable of turning your dream home into a nightmare! Read more »

Keeping Your Roof Protected from Shifting Weather Patterns

It takes two to tango. In the same way, your Springfield roofers may be doing the installation, but you also have a big role to play in maintaining it. Every day, your roof is exposed to the heat of the sun, wind, rain, and other natural elements. These can deteriorate your structure over time, especially if you have an old roof. It’s important to take the necessary measures and invest in the right products in order to counteract the effects of ever-changing weather. Read more »

Get a $500 Discount on Your Next Big Project!

With winter just around the corner, you need to make sure your roof is in excellent condition and is ready to stand up to the wear and tear of the harshest season of the year. It’s bound to get colder in a few weeks, in fact, thanks to the remnants of Typhoon Yuri in Alaska causing the polar vortex to shift slightly and push cold northern air towards the central and eastern parts of the United States. Before winter officially arrives, now’s the perfect time to get roof repair in Fairfax or any kind of home improvement that would prepare your home for the coming season. Read more »

When is Replacing a Roof a Good Idea?

Perhaps one of the most common questions about roofing that homeowners ask themselves is, “Should I repair or replace my roof?” Making the right decision is crucial because it holds the key not only to your peace of mind, but also to your home’s overall performance in the coming years. The roof that you place over your head can determine how much you will spend on energy costs and future damage repairs. Read more »