Beyond Curb Appeal: 3 Other Asphalt Shingle Boons

Thanks to their incredible design versatility, asphalt shingles could significantly boost your curb appeal. After all, your roof accounts for about 40% of your entire exterior appearance. But aesthetics aside, asphalt actually has more attractive qualities than beauty. Read more »

Beyond Curb Appeal: Apt GAF Products for NOVA Homes

In the first part of our blog series, we discussed the inherent benefits of asphalt shingles. Now, we’re going to take a look if they belong to homes in Northern Virginia. The most common home styles in NOVA are generally influenced by history, while contemporary designs are becoming more popular in certain areas. Read more »

3 Myths about Warranties That Die Hard

You hear roofing warranties thrown around a lot, but there’s a good chance you hardly know the truth about them. Although the concept of a guarantee is often straightforward, many homeowners only learn one’s key aspects a little too late. Read more »