Gutter Repairs & Cleaning

As a full-service gutter company, All American Home Services can expertly perform a full range of gutter repairs. Homeowners can easily overlook problems areas that our technicians have the training and expertise to spot. Typically we can perform gutter cleaning and gutter repair at the same time, and perhaps add a gutter protection system as well. In addition to cleaning out everything that shouldn’t be in the gutter, we will evaluate your gutter system’s condition and identify any repairs that should be made. Here are some common issues found by our technicians.

  • Age. While they are especially resistant to corrosion, expect to replace aluminum gutters after 20 years. Small holes will develop due to normal wear and tear, and replacement is the only solution. Copper gutters age more slowly, with a life expectancy of 50 years.
  • Sagging. Older gutters sometimes sag because they were installed using spike hangers which have weakened. We use hidden hangers which are stronger and less obtrusive. For newer gutters that are sagging, we can sometimes reinforce the gutter with hidden hangers.
  • Storm damage. Gutters may be damaged by falling branches in a storm, or bent when the gutters are filled with ice and water.
  • Standing water. When gutters don’t properly slope from the middle of the gutter to the downspout, water will not flow. This problem can also result from sagging gutters. We can adjust the gutter pitch to fix the problem.
  • Damaged downspouts. When downspouts are crushed or dented, they should be promptly replaced so they can continue moving water away from the foundation.

The Importance of Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a vital home maintenance task that should be performed twice per year. All American Home Services specializes in gutter cleaning and maintenance that prevents such problems as foundation cracks, basement flooding, mold, mildew, exterior siding damage, landscape erosion and insect infestations.

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