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Metal Roofing

The metal roof continues to increase in popularity due to its exceptional strength, durability and fire resistance. All American Home Services expertly installs metal roofing systems which are virtually maintenance-free! They also come in a variety of styles, colors and finishes for a range of design options, and are 100% recyclable. Although metal costs more to install, you can expect this type of roofing in Alexandria, VA, to last at least 50 years. With such a long lifespan, a quality metal roof may be the last material you ever install.

Copper Roofing

The elegant look of copper roofing adds unmistakable character to any building. All American Home Services offers copper installation and roof repair in Manassas, VA, as well as copper guttering. While copper is a very expensive roofing material to install, for many customers the cost may be offset by unique advantages including great longevity and durability, and elegant beauty. Copper’s color begins as a bright bronze, and over time weathers to a distinguished green patina.

Slate Roofing

The most unique and durable of all roofing materials, natural slate roofs combine beauty with time-tested functionality. Colors include blends of black, gray, green, red and purple, each unique to the area from which the slates are quarried. All American Home Services is an experienced installer of slate roofing in Alexandria, VA, an important distinction in a region where there are many historical homes. Following proper installation, slates require little maintenance and can last 100 years or more, depending on the type of slate, the climate and how it’s cared for.

Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic slates are composed of engineered polymers that offer the beauty of natural slate shingles without the inherent imperfections that cause slate to break. They’re durable, available in a broad palette of colors, and easy to install.

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