Skylights & Sun Tunnels

As one of the busiest Alexandria roofing companies, All American Home Services has seen the popularity of skylights steadily rise in recent years. In addition to new construction, skylights are a frequent addition to existing roofing in Alexandria , VA, because of the many benefits they offer. Sun tunnels also feature the same benefits in a more flexible form.

  • Decreased utility costs. Save money by utilizing natural daylight to brighten your home instead of artificial bulbs. You’ll enjoy more light for no cost at all. In addition, sunlight also provides heat that’s very beneficial during the cold winter months. Raising your home’s temperature a few degrees means less work for your furnace, and less heating expense out of your pocket.
  • Brighter rooms. During the daytime, natural light emanating from a skylight brightens dark corners and makes rooms appear much larger than they are. This sense of spaciousness in turn makes your home feel more comfortable and attractive.
  • Health benefits. Vitamin D derived from natural sunlight is essential for proper body function. For individuals who suffer from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), and those who don’t, increased sunlight improves mental and emotional well-being. No other type of light will lift your spirits and mood like warm sunshine spilling from a skylight.

For additional comfort during summer months, All American installs skylights with specialized glass packages. With so many benefits, it’s no surprise skylights are becoming a standard feature in new home construction throughout many parts of the country.

How Sun Tunnels are Different

Rather than mounting directly onto Springfield roofing like a skylight, a sun tunnel features rigid or flexible tubing which extends from the roof through the ceiling and around any attic obstructions to bring natural daylight to any part of a home. A sun tunnel is a versatile and economical lighting solution where more natural light is desired, such as closets, bathrooms and hallways.

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